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Why spend money on a brand new tractor when you can buy a refurbished tractor that performs just as well for a fraction of the price? There’s no reason to and our thousands of loyal customers dotted around the world agree. With the Dumelow International Limited team here to help you, you no longer need to break the bank to secure an MF tractor. Instead, you can buy refurbished mf tractors direct from us. No matter where you’re located or what your farming needs are, we’re able to present you with an affordable, secure solution.

MF is a leader in the world of tractors and that’s been the case for over five decades. There can be no doubting that when it comes to choosing a tractor for your farm you couldn’t do a lot worse than picking up a Massey Ferguson model. These tractors work efficiently in wet or dry countries. However there’s no need to spend more money than you need to on one because we have a big cheap MF tractor range, with many refurbished vehicles to choose from.

Our large range of agricultural machinery is fit to suit any purpose. We’ll give you the best machines for any job, be it working in your own back yard to working on a large commercial farm. The benefits of using a refurbished tractor are many but to fully understand how you can benefit from one of our tractors call us and speak to one of our expert representatives.