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In the past it wasn’t particularly easy to track down quality farming machinery at a low cost. Sure, there were plenty of people selling refurbished tractors but when it came to quality machines with quality prices it was next to impossible to find anything. That all changed when we started Dumelow in 1996. From day dot we’ve been giving farmers the perfect solution – a high performing farm tractor at hard-to-believe prices.

Wanting to do things differently, we have elite engineers on board who create farm machinery that is second to none. Our machinery stands out from the crowd because it works so well, lasts such a long time and costs so little. There is no longer a need to buy new machinery every few years when you can buy high performing refurbished machinery

The equipment that we make for farming is without equal. Regardless of where you are, what climate you’re living in and what you’re farming, the refurbished equipment that we sell could help you to achieve harvests that you didn’t think were possible.

We’re not just a faceless corporate company either, we have a truly extensive background in farming and we know that there is no one formula that works for any two farms. Every farm is unique and if you can’t find the farming equipment that fits your requirements listed on our website you can always contact us directly and tell us what you’re looking for. We can provide more than what is offered on our website as our engineering team will be happy to tell you.

We also provide equipment other than for farms. For example, we’ve helped many customers with construction equipment and motor vehicles and accessories.

The Dumelow office features a dedicated sales team that love to help new customers find the machinery they need. Call us today on the number at the top of our website to speak with one of our representatives about the services that we offer.